Aspx designer cs not updating

Has anyone seen this before, and do you know the cause/solution? After the update, some of the files which were added from A are not present in the working copy of B, but the repository browser shows them at the correct location at the SVN server.

As if an entire "page" won't be added to my folder.This has happened with Visual Studio open and running the Solution, and also with no Visual Studio open either. Same situation: There were multiple files changed/added/deleted/moved at the SVN server from an SVN client A and SVN client B updated its working copy (using Tortoise SVN).Also an "svn up" in the folder where the files are missing says that everything is at the current revision.I'm using Tortoise SVN 1.6.6, Build 17493 - 64 Bit Visual SVN 1.7 (SVN integration into Visual Studio 2008) Edit: It seems to be a known problem, here is the solution:

Updating also results in some error (I don't know how to reproduce this so I don't know what specifically would cause this and I don't remember the exact errors).

I have to then delete the files from the repository, and commit the files as new.


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