Asian parents dating first base of dating

I spoke about the idea of reconciling this difference in the Modern Muslim Guide To Dating (Part 2).

Navigating your way through this part can be tricky enough, but adding family into the mix can often become a confusing and frustrating experience.

Dating, if attempted at all, was a precursor to marriage so invariably it was seen as something that lay within the fabric of a more formal and explicit commitment.

With this in mind, I thought I’d share some of the lessons I learned along the way: I come from a very liberal Muslim household and, although my siblings and I were born in the UK, we have always respected our roots and the culture that my parents came from.

This coupled with the fact that we had absolutely precedent for dealing with boys, dating, or relationships generally meant that, in these matters, we deferred to the Pakistani way of doing things.

Whether you’re waiting for marriage or just don’t feel comfortable with intimacy until you’re in a loving, committed relationship, then this is for you.

Rather, bringing someone home to meet my parents was something that used to fill me with a little uncertainty.As Muslims in the UK, we are often straddling two very different cultural identities each with contending views on love, sex and marriage.


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