Are ryan gosling and michelle williams dating


"Every time I gave her the ball, she just flew through the air and she slam-dunked it." PHOTOS: Hollywood's most romantic movie couples In the seductive drama (in theaters December 31), the costars engage in some pretty racy sex scenes -- so racy, in fact, that the MPAA originally gave it an NC-17 rating.

(Deadline reports that the MPAA overturned the rating after Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein made a personal appeal; now has an R-rating.) PHOTOS: Celebs on set "People don't understand what NC-17 means.

It's not like we're saying we think kids under 17 should see the movie," Gosling explained.

"What NC-17 really means is that it can't play in regular theaters and you can't even show an ad for it on television.

Rumors persist that Gosling is dating Emma Stone – and Mendes’s jealousy pushed the actor right into Emma’s arms.

The pair have been spotted together twice in the last few weeks, first at the prestigious Met Ball and again over the weekend at Yellin's Red Hook art exhibit. The witness went on to disclose: "Michelle didn't stay long.

Sadly, however, the cute twosome have squashed the speculation through their reps.

Are Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes constantly fighting and now living separate lives?

I don't think it deserves that." Despite the film's harsh rating, Williams (who denied dating her costar earlier this year) has only fond memories of her time on set -- as does Gosling, who remembers their sex scenes as "all a blur." PHOTOS: Costars who fell in love "The thought that this thing that I had spent seven years of my life on was down in its final stages was too much for me to bear," Williams, 30, told Us.

Michelle Williams has been linked to artist Dustin Yellin.


According to Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams is an all-star in the bedroom -- on screen, that is."I felt like Scottie Pippin and she was Michael Jordan," the 30-year-old actor told Us at the Quintessentially and Stoli-hosted premiere in NYC Tuesday.


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