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“But I’ve been going back and forth from LA to Vegas quite a bit over the past couple of years, and it was just a totally new city to deal with for me,” he explains. And actually all of our other good friends in different bands, as well, like Butch Walker, were here.Hence, the creation of the band’s new fourth set, Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! Thompson’s classic ode to Vegas, and a libidinous celebration of the place in its own dance-pop right. But we kept it pretty small—it was only like 80 people. I mean, I feel like I’ve been pretty domesticated for awhile now. I mean, when we left Vegas, we were 17 years old, so we had a bitter the Disco in high school and set out on tour, he’d grown angry, resentful of the metrolis.Eventually, he relocated to Santa Monica and never thought twice about his past. Our friends in Fall Out Boy came, and we’ve been friends with them for a long time.And no matter what happens, I’ll always be there.’ You know, that kind of a thing. It was kind of amazing, and that’s what influenced me to make the music that we did for this album. I think all the songs are different in their own way, but when they fit together as a whole, they become this spontaneous, eclectic record, which is kind of crazy. I couldn’t watch certain movies, I never was allowed to go outside and play with friends on Sundays, because that was always the day to rest and worship.I wanted to make music to party to, so people could let loose and really have a good time. And Monday nights, we’d always have a thing called Family Home Evening, where you would spend the whole night with your family, which was kind of sweet, actually.BY Tom Lanham Sometimes you never truly appreciate what you have until it’s gone, goes the old maxim. Growing up Mormon in the gambling mecca of Las Vegas, he was too young—and too sheltered—to fully appreciate Sin City.And by the time the singer had joined emo outfit Panic!


But with track three, a disco-glittery “The Vegas Lights,” the album kicks into dance-fevered gear, and never lets up, through “Nicotine,” “Collar Full,” “Girls/Girls/Boys,” and “Girl That You Love.” Driven by retro synthesizers that he and drummer Spencer Smith, Too Weird looks upon their hometown with bedazzled, fully adult awe. Sarah and I have been living together for almost five years now, so now the only big difference is, I’m actually sharing life as her husband. I’ve got a Jack Russell terrier and a Boston terrier. But having gone back now, and getting to be of age and participate in things, you see the world in a different light.

And we really like hanging out with our dogs because they’re so much easier to get along with than people. So taking the time to experience those things really changed the way I see it now.

Plus, you don’t have to pay for their college tuition or anything – you can just hang out with them. All of the people who are involved in my life definitely influenced me in some way, or inspired me a lot of the time to create whatever I’m creating. I’m not so good at the grocery shopping, but she really cares about it. And I know when I’m going to Target, I end up going, ‘Hmm. Now I’ve found the wonder of it, and it’s kind of amazing.

But more directly, I wrote two songs about her on the record, and one in particular ends the record, called “The End of All Things.” Right before we got married, we wrote our own vows. I spent time just going to clubs, doing stuff I never had done in the past.

But in a way, I kind of wanted to make her a promise, to tell her ‘This is how I see us spending our years in the future. And it wasn’t my scene, but going there and seeing people dancing and cutting loose? (He breaks into a rendition of “West End Girls.”) And it’s definitely a character album, for sure.We’d just play board games or watch movies together or just hang out.


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