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She would go on to manage a number of names on the indy circuit, including "Showtime" Eric Young, Chris Sabin, Scott D'Amore, Simon Diamond, and Johnny Swinger.

The role of the valet, though, wouldn't be enough for Williams, who longed to do some wrestling of her own.

Williams often expressed her desire to get into the WWE, and it didn't take long for her wish to come to fruition.

She had a tryout in June 2004 and was invited back.

REAL NAME: LAUREN WILLIAMS NICKNAMES: Angel Williams, Canadian Angel, Angelina Love SIZE: 5-foot-6, 118-pounds BORN: September 13, 1981 in Toronto, Ontario What hasn't Lauren Williams done?

But by far the biggest splash made by this angel fanatic, (she has five tattoos representing or spelling out "angel"), has been in professional wrestling, as the gorgeous but reviled TNA heel Angelina Love.A wrestling fan since the age of seven, Williams didn't wait long to get into the business.At 18, she was chatting with a ring announcing friend, asking if he could suggest any promotions she should contact.Williams made her debut in August 2000, managing "Dangerboy" Derek Wylde for the Hardcore Wrestling Federation.

Williams went to WWE's then-developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) in mid-November, where she trained with Lance Storm and Bill De Mott.

Thereafter, she worked a Raw and Smackdown taping, and in December she received her WWE Christmas present -- a developmental contract.


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