Are alexander ludwig and leven rambin dating

Due to the success of the first movie, ‘Catching Fire’ is now being produced. The film’s costume designers made a minimum of 1,800 elaborate costumes for the citizens of the Capitol. More than 35 full-time makeup artists were needed to work on the main characters and over 500 extras. Taylor Swift contributed two songs to the soundtrack: “Eyes Open” and “Safe & Sound” featuring The Civil Wars. Actor Alexander Ludwig gained 30 to 40 pounds in order to play the role of Cato. Author Suzanne Collins came up with the idea for the book after watching footage of the invasion of Iraq and a reality TV show. The two ideas combined to form “The Hunger Games.” 18. It took 2 and a half hours to transform Elizabeth Banks into Effie, but 45 minutes less when she wore gloves, instead of having hernails done. Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth think that the only way The Hunger Games and Twilight are similar is that they both have large fanbases. Alexander Ludwig says that the best thing about playing Cato is that he can be free with the role and be as bad as he wants. Jennifer Lawrence recorded “Rue’s Lullaby” for the Hunger Games soundtrack. Alexander Ludwig found the scene where Rue is decorated with flowers ‘extremely moving’. Elizabeth Banks says she’s a massive fan of Peeta, because he’s a lover, not a fighter. Jackie Emerson goes around to the extras and crew and introduces herself as much as she can. All principle characters were on a high protein diet and worked out every morning. , however, with Ian Mc Shane and Frances Conroy, is what put him on the map as a contender for heftier fantasy roles.That was almost five years before Ludwig beefed up to play Cato, the character he would come to think of as exhibiting "the dark side of humanity." The young Ludwig took his role in the blockbuster very seriously. She finished high school to years early to pursue her acting career. She auditioned for the role of Bella in the Twilight Saga. Jennifer Lawrence came in 7th this year for Total Film’s 30 Hottest Rising Actors Right Now’ list. She says the only time she is ever serious is in front of the camera. Jennifer Lawrence says that she could watch Bridget Jones’s Diary over and over. She has revealed that she would like to direct at some point, but she doesn’t know where she will be in 10 years. She refuses to have a Facebook or Twitter account, just like Liam Hemsworth. Jennifer Lawrence was first discovered when a photographer took her picture in New York. Actor Chris Hemsworth (“Thor”) told his brother Liam Hemsworth he needed to lose weight to play the role of Gale. Jennifer Lawrence won her first oscar when she was 22, and fell over on her way up to the stage. On the last day of her six week training, she had an accident where she hit a wall while running at full speed. Chris took on the role of Katniss during their practice. His first job was in a bakery in Australia called ‘Bakers Delight’. He almost played the lead role in Thor, but the part went to his brother Chris Hemsworth. Liam told his agents that he would burn his house down if the rold of Gale went to another actor. He puts on an American accent for The Hunger Games, although he is from Melbourne, Australia. One of his favourite things to do in his spare time is to go skateboarding. He once split the back of his ear open when a ball hit him. She pulled out of playing the female lead in savages to play Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games instead. While growing up, she was a total tomboy, she played field hockey, softball and basketball on an all-boys ream. After all, his character was supposed to be starving! Liam started acting on an Australian TV show called ‘Neighbours’ where he played Josh Taylor, an athletic paraplegic. Liam used to be a competitive surfer, and he was competing with the top surfers in Victoria, Australia. When he was practicing for his auditions, he got his brother Chris to help him.


"That was the reason I did the movie, really," Ludwig told Celebuzz about channeling the amoral character."If I could get the audience to sympathize with Cato for one second at the end of that movie, I did what I wanted to do." So, does the new hot star have a girlfriend?


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