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Supervisors and others in positions of authority, such as faculty members, have a responsibility to avoid behavior that might harass others in the workplace.



Acts of violence committed by a University employee, including student employees, may serve as the basis for discipline up to and including termination of employment.Note: Violence threatened or inflicted against employees on University property or on University business by persons not affiliated with the University should be reported to The University of Maine Department of Public Safety by calling 581-4040, or 911 if an emergency.The purpose of this policy is to communicate The University of Maine’s approach to addressing workplace harassment and violence and to establish a “zero tolerance” policy for such behavior.Policy It is the policy of The University of Maine that acts of harassment and violence in the workplace will not be tolerated.


Questions about these terms should be directed to one of the offices listed below.

Harassment includes threatening communication, which is also covered in The University of Maine Electronic Communication Policy.


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