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The only requirement for membership is a desire for healthy and fulfilling relationships.

Many participants are raised in families where addictions existed - some are not.

INTERNATIONAL MUTUAL SUPPORT GROUP CONTACT INFORMATION ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS (AA) International Site Alcoholics Anonymous World Services A. 771 Email: [email protected]: org Note: You must select "Canada" in Country section in order to have the provinces listed.

Intergroup - centralized offices (typically AA) that operate independently of the worldwide service structure.

Intergroups are established to carry out certain functions (i.e.

SMART Recovery - is a secular mutual support group. 1600 Corporate Landing Parkway Virginia Beach, VA 23454-5617 Phone: (757) 563-1600 Toll-Free: 1(888) 425-2666 Fax: (757) 563-1600 Email: [email protected]: Family Group Headquarters (Canada) Inc. Ottawa, ON K1P 5H9 Phone: (613) 723-8484 Toll-Free: 1(888) 425-2666 Email: [email protected]: ANONYMOUS International Site Cocaine Anonymous World Services CAWSO #304 - 21720 S.


ACRONYMS AA - Alcoholics Anonymous (main site is org) CA - Cocaine Anonymous (main site is org) CODA - Co-Dependents Anonymous (main site is org) NA - Narcotics Anonymous (main site is org) DEFINITIONS Alano Clubs - a place for recovering people to meet and socialize in a clean and sober environment before and after 12 step meetings.

Al-Anon / Alateen- a twelve-step program of recovery for friends and family members of individuals who misuse or are addicted to alcohol.

There are more than 600 Intergroup offices functioning through the world performing AA services.

Life Ring - a secular mutual support group that broke away from another secular mutual support group, SOS, in 1999. Nar-Anon - a twelve-step program of recovery for friends and family members of individuals who misuse or are addicted to drugs. Box 459 Grand Central Station New York, NY, USA 10163 Phone: (212)870-3400 Website: Family Group Headquarters, Inc.


maintaining lists of meetings) that are best handled by a centralized office within a geographic region.Intergroups are maintained, supervised, and supported by Intergroup members.


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