Aniruddh dave and pooja sharma dating

We managed to get her talking while she was on a short break from shoot.And, the girl did not cease to speak to us until she got a call from her director.I was procrastinating at the idea of paying Draupadi at that time.I told them that I will come tomorrow for the audition. I knew quite a lot about Draupadi even before joining the show.Pooja Sharma, who we better know as Mahabharat’s Draupadi, is a sweet, professional, chirpy and pretty girl.She never thought of playing Draupadi until she realized that she is the one among millions, who will be making history on the Indian Television once again, after actor Roopa Ganguly in the 1980s.All those elaborate costumes and jewelry you see on-screen look very beautiful but it is very difficult to carry these things for a long time.

Excerpts from the conversation: How did you get through the auditions of Draupadi’s role?

One fine day I took a call from the Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s production house asking me to come for an audition.

Second, I was supposed to enact this monologue with Bheeshma Pitamah. But that time I was not sure what I was getting into. (laughs) How much time does it take for you to get ready for the shoot?

Getting ready with my hair, make-up, attire and jewelry is very time consuming.


During the audition, I was given two scenes to prepare. But having said that, there was a lot about her I have learnt on the sets.First, I had to give an introduction to myself as Draupadi and talk about myself as a fire born princess and her qualities. Honestly, there is a lot of sweat and blood I am putting into my work.


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