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Going Vertical The Weather Channel has clearly taken a page from the beautifully stylish Yahoo Weather app, using a lengthy vertical scrolling layout with stunning photos in a location-aware backdrop.

The top of the app's page features the current conditions and temperature, along with the high and low temperatures for the day.

When I first reviewed The Weather Channel's app, I bemoaned its outdated design and truly maddening monetization scheme.

It was among my least favorite Android weather apps.

Both Yahoo Weather and Weather Underground let you rearrange panels to your heart's content.If you're a masochist, you can opt into this otherwise retired service from the Settings, but I'm staying far, far away.Taking a cue from Editors' Choice Weather Underground, The Weather Channel has also added a social weather reporting feature.The Weather Channel also includes a lot of banner ads, which seem to slow it down.


These ads are annoying, but they're light years less irritating than the truly excruciating m Points monetization system found in the old app.From the main page, you can see what people around you are reporting and even add your own observations by tapping one of five weather conditions icons.


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    After removing the offending updates (see below), you can restore the registry file, the support page explains how this is done.

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