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My husband and I have never completely done anal sex. Now that after 3 yrs of marriage, my husband consistently asks me to try anal sex and I did a couple times.One time we tried it, he almost got all the way in but it was still a struggle. I see porno stars and comments from people as well as Doctors saying anal sex is doable. I know my husband will love me no matter what but I know he really wants to do it.Porn actresses often use an enema to make sure the film presents anal sex as a clean and odour free activity.The anus is made for stuff to come out of and as it is necessarily very elastic it is also quite delicate and so great care must be taken when pushing things into it.Potty training educates us into having some control over the anal sphincter muscle and its default position is closed and it is the natural reaction to tighten it when coughing, sneezing or something tries to invade it.


Once you can relax, which can take some practice, penetration will be easier and much less painful.

If you have ever had your vagina opened with a speculum for an internal examination you will have some idea when I tell you the anal speculum is a good deal bigger than the vaginal one.

He said he will let me mess around with his butt if he gets to try anal sex just once with me.

I don't know what to do because I personally feel like it hurts a lot, but my adventurous side wants to please him and myself. Everyone should try everything at least once they say.

I asked him why he wants it so badly and he said he is habitual to my vagina and its like routine for him and also because it is something new and unhabited. Some people, women as well as men really enjoy anal sex but I strongly suggest you ignore the porno images of it.

Those women are paid to do it and sometimes that is a good thing as the price of corrective surgery is quite high.


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