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The tutorial shows how to fix “An error occurred while updating an object. product ()” You can get this error in the process of adding or editing the product in Presta Shop when Presta Shop template is installed into Presta Shop version. How to fix “An error occurred while updating an object.Failed to Launch a Critical File Failed to launch a critical file. Db Entity Validation Exception db Ex) { Exception raise = db Ex; foreach (var validation Errors in db Ex. _obj Entities = new PCApp_Taxitech Entities(); contact obj Model = new contact(); obj Model. The easy solution would be to just rename the table, but if you have generated your database from your EDMX, it'd be wise to revise it and see where it may have pluralized the database table name, but not the mapped table name (which sounds pretty weird).


Data Image = physical Path; //Assign for remaining feilds in table in this way.

Entity Validation Errors) { foreach (var validation Error in validation Errors.

but the error message vs your screenshot (which is what I've seen) is pretty clear: EF is trying to write to (singular).

Save Changes(); Well, I don't know your project, haven't seen your edmx file or how you created your database...

[Http Post] public Action Result Create(Http Posted File Base picture, form _form) { try { string Image Name = Path.

Save As(physical Path); form new1 = new form(); new1.


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