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AQD extension) # Revision 1.1 (previous version had missing Date_MDY field) # Revision 1.2 (added $STRICT 1) $FORMAT Ticker, Full Name, Close, Date_MDY, Skip, Skip, Open, High, Low, Volume $SKIPLINES 0 $SEPARATOR , $DEBUG 1 $AUTOADD 1 $CONT 1 $GROUP 254 $BREAKONERR 0 $STRICT 1 We have to change this as below to put in the realtime data from yahoo to amibroker with out any 3 rd party progs # Ami Quote daily download format (. c) Close Amibroker and reopen and load amitry database d) Click from file menu database settings e) Go to intraday settings and recheck that the 10 which we have put in the time shift box is intact If it shows as 0 read zero change it to 10 and again save the database Now it will be fixed. NS”,”ABB LTD.”,3730.20,”4/13/2007″,”am”,+77.30,3669.00,3755.00,3623.00,77554 “ACC. NS”,”ASSOCIATED CEMENT”,749.95,”4/13/2007″,”am”,+23.60,729.85,750.00,726.00,822345 “ALBK. NS”,”ALLAHABAD BANK”,73.05,”4/13/2007″,”am”,+0.95,70.20,73.80,70.20,111529 “ALOKTEXT. NS”,”ALOK INDUSTRIES L”,59.05,”4/13/2007″,”am”,+0.20,55.00,60.00,55.00,81295 What is this data updated I mean .format file the name of the format file is aqd.format which u can change it to file and load it in notepad It looks like this # Ami Quote daily download format (.Now what happens when u run amiquote & what type of data it gets which we use it for realtime basis 1. Yahoo Don’t Give Data Less Than 1 Minute because it doesn’t have time stamp less than a minute. A link to the latest message from Jim is available at Ami Broker Yahoo Group message # 119057 – "Ami Broker/Yahoo Database File": Or link directly to the site to obtain the download: to Links server (allow approximately 1/2 – 1 hour download time, using a mid speed broadband connection, per year of history).The length of back history available varies with each symbol (the author has downloaded up to 10 years history using this template).


the stock may have been de-listed or undergone a name change .

Instructions on how to find and delete the redundant (No Quotes) symbols can be found in the UKB post An unsorted, unqualified list of FAQ’s relating to anything and everything to do with Yahoo! The list is dynamic and subject to change without notice.


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