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Setting your expiration to a time only a few hours in the future may be more appropriate than the 20 days shown in this code. Contact Us Today View Fishing Reports If you're looking for excellent fishing off the beaten path this is the place for you.This property is quiet and near the top of the list for beauty and lake construction.


This 30-acre lake was built in 2008 and stocked with forage.Bass were not added until 2010 allowing an incredible forage base to be built, which grew some big bass quickly.Hmac SHA256(date Stamp, 'AWS4' + key); var k Region = Crypto JS.Hmac SHA256(region Name, k Date); var k Service = Crypto JS.

Hmac SHA256(service Name, k Region); var k Signing = Crypto JS.

Hmac SHA256('aws4_request', k Service); return k Signing; } I may be leading you in the wrong direction, but there are constraints in Signature Version 4 that may prevent anything with an expiration date more than 7 × 24 hours in the future from being considered valid, though it apparently isn't mentioned in the context of form post uploads.


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