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In Islamic countries, where Sheikhs make the laws, the situation is different. Life is better when it is shared with a loving partner.



I have been separated NOW for 4 years and am finding hard to get a Muslim Shia divorce. I’m 34 years of age and I’m entitled to find love and HAPPINESS. I’m begging you to help me get out of this hell and help me get my divorce please. You have given all the power to your husband and a bunch of mullahs and are complaining that you are living in hell.

All the sheiks here won’t give me one because it has to come from my husband, and what he says goes. This is like a caged bird complaining about her captivity when the door of the cage is open. Why do you have to go to the Sheikhs to get divorce? Go to a divorce lawyer and tell her you want to divorce your husband in accordance with the Australian law.

The tracts on this site are all free and can be opened to view with Adobe Reader or downloaded to save onto your PC.

You can also save them to a flash stick for out of house printing if you wish.

If you do not have Adobe Reader you can download it for free at their web site, just click on the link below. However, even a small child knows that an explosion causes DISORDER, not order!I hope these tracts will be helpful to you in spreading the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in your area..... (The Big Bang theory actually violates the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, which states that systems tend towards disorder).... The havoc would have been unimaginable, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, mud and ash falling back to earth, dead humans, dead animals and masses of vegetation floating around or being buried under tons of mud... and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus'. Only through Jesus is there access to the Father, ( Eph. ).


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