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” He added “Honest Dating was formed to showcase the international dating sites that operate with integrity and the client’s interests at heart and provide standards by which international dating sites can be measured.” Peter Christopher remarked, “With the multitude of shady practices we have discovered at mainstream and niche dating sites, it’s a miracle anybody is able to meet on them at all.The absence of government intervention and broad, consistent public knowledge exposing the deceitful and fraudulent activities of our competitors has allowed many fraudulent services to grow, becoming increasingly brazen in their disregard for decency and responsibility to their own paying members.” The new Alliance website provides articles, videos and lists of fraudulent practices.The unifying Code of Conduct can be found there along with a list of sites that have been viewed and approved to display the Alliance “Seal of Approval” as honest dating sites.Approved sites are allowed to display the Alliance’s “Seal of Approval” as a symbol of trust for consumers.The Alliance’s founders are three veterans of successful global romance sites: Peter Christopher (Christian, Mark Davis (Dream and John Abbot (China Love

John Abbot reported, “After hearing the hundreds of stories from our members who had been scammed on other dating sites we decided to investigate.

The disappointing conclusion was that there are far more deceptive practices being propagated by online dating sites than we had imagined.” The group decided that something had to be done about it.


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