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“The minstrel photo was absolutely sick,” Cobb said.

“Minstrel jokes were associated with my grandfather who was born in 1912.” “These children just had no respect for me or my authority,” she added.

For Moore, dating comes with some very specific challenges.

One is finding women who match his ethnicity, as he puts it.

” he said with a laugh from his apartment in Boston.

“When I go on Tinder, it’s like, Caucasian, Caucasian, Caucasian,” Moore told me.

As a former airborne ranger with the US military in Hawaii, Anthony Moore he knows a thing or two about privacy.

And he continues to be vigilant, even when it comes to online dating.


But the worst of the bullying takes place online, Raw Story reports.

“Regardless of my talents I am still the black person that it’s OK to make fun of,” Cobb told news station KPHO.


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