Alexa vega dating carlos pena does michael cera dating charlyne yi

The couple released a joint statement about their big day: “We are so thrilled and blessed that we were able to have all our close friends and family join us on our special day.” The “Machete Kills” actress and the 24-year-old Big Time Rush singer began dating last year and announced their engagement in September when she posted a snapshot of Peña that she captioned saying, “Hello fiancé.” This is the second marriage for Vega, who filed for divorce from film producer Sean Covel, 37, in July 2012 after two years of marriage.

The film, produced by George Lopez, details the true story about four undocumented students who defied the odds and won big in an underwater robotics competition. So he’s like “What can I do to make something of myself?

My character, Oscar Vasquez, he just wants to serve in the U. They beat MIT, Cornell, Duke, all these huge colleges, with an 0 robot.

My character went to college, still couldn’t get his papers, self-deported himself, and then one reporter wrote an article, Senator Dick Durbin, saw the article, and his big thing is the Dream Act and immigration, so he went down and he contacted his wife Carla.

And people root for the underdog, and this whole movie is underdog. He’s a comedian, and for me it was the complete opposite of what people have seen me in.

In his first starring film role, Pena Vega shines brighter than Times Square at night. It’s about four undocumented students from Phoenix, Arizona. ” So he enters a robotics competition that if he wins people like NASA, people of all these huge corporations, can sponsor you for college and can give you internships, jobs.

They have a ton of obstacles in life that are stopping them from what they want to do. They end up going to the big competition in Santa Barbara and they win.

He got him the papers and within seven days Carlos was back in the country. He enlisted in the army and he went into Afghanistan.That’s literally all the kid wanted to do, and I say all that because we all dream. This movie’s message is dream big, work hard, and persistence—and yes, it’s a bunch of Latinos, and it’s Latin pride—but I feel like it’s meant for so many other people because it’s that underdog story, and everybody can relate to an underdog. The “Spy Kids” actress tied the knot with her boyfriend Carlos Peña, a ceremony in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on Saturday, Jan.

Big Time Rush, for us, the way that we did the show, we were underdogs, and I feel like that’s why it was a success because it wasn’t like “Hey, we’re here, we’re famous, love us!” It was like, we’re four dudes from Minnesota who play hockey, let’s try and make a boy band. Well, George [Lopez] and I always talk because for both of us, this was a complete different realm of what we’ve done.


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