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This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty.All you have to do before you proceed, is to have all your software related files intact, stored in a separate folder on your local system.

This application is indented to creating and compiling NSIS scripts so the obvious requirement is a current and active NSIS installation on the system where it's going to be used.

Furthermore there is not any special requirement nor complicated rules of usage.

It takes just three plain steps to prepare and create a full working and ready for distribution installation.

Moreover, developers have the ability to save the generated script on their local system, keep it either for reference, or for further elaboration with their preferred editor.


NSIS Quick Setup Script Generator is a wizard interface windows application aiming at guide NSIS installations developers through the preparation and creation of their software installation.

The preparation of the script is fully customisable, allowing developers to set up and modify the desired preferences.


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