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Submit these completed forms: Once you are accepted into the program, we email you a unique advertising code, direct links to our service pages, and a link to your Affiliate portal.The Affiliate portal contains real-time signup information (first/last name, status of account, date of signup).Your success is our success and we want to get you paid as fast as possible.You will also have access to's marketing materials including logos, Internet banners, slicks, brochures, and other materials per request.You will earn a one-time commission payment for each new customer that enters your unique Affiliate code.A bonus of per customer is earned when retention rate for the month’s signups is at or above 75%.Setup of the Affiliate account, links, and portal is included.Simply by including promotional links and banners on your website, you can earn up to commission every time a customer referred from your link makes a purchase.


Affiliate programs help Web In an affiliate marketing program, a Web site includes a variety of links to e-commerce sites.Each time a visitor clicks onto one of the links, the content provider hosting the link earns a commission (a flat fee or a percentage) on either the lead or the sale.


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