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I love to see a man in shorts and a tank top with a bit of a summer tan…nothing better!Well…unless he’s carrying a margarita for me.(…) There’s one thing, I believe, many men and woman can agree upon…its loving our respective shoes.From the time I sat down to chat with these two beauties, until the the last minute(…) are so many reasons I love being a woman! is fast approaching, that special time of the year…Movember! During the month of November, men around the world show support and raise awareness about testicular and prostate cancers, and men’s mental health issues.They do this by growing their facial hair out, into what are(…) In the late 1880’s to 1940’s…men used to visit their local barbershop weekly, sometimes even daily.Men would stop in for a haircut, a proper shave, and to generally hang out with the other men in the neighborhood.The barbershop was a place a man could go to really to just be(…) Beards have definitely played a significant role in our worlds history.It is one of the principal signals of maturity(…) I have one quick question about Commandment # 10, fingernails.

The presence or absence of a beard has been, and still is, an indication of a man’s religious, cultural, political, social, or sexual affiliations.

The growth of facial hair for young men begins at puberty.

With or without thought put into it, they complete our outfits.

Shoes can be the first thing we think of to put on, to then build an outfit around or they can be the final touch, put on last,(…) Fun, insightful, silly, and CANDID are just a few words that come to mind when describing my evening the other night at After Buzz TV and my interview with co-hosts Lindsey Miller and Christy Olson who both, by the way, have THE BEST HAIR!

You said in your text and You Tube video to always make sure that they’re trimmed and that long nails are a turn off which I understand.

My question is,(…) We are fast approaching the first days of SUMMER! Long, hot days and warm nights make me a very happy girl.


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    Cheating is wrong, but part of me is smiling and shaking my head that Madonna is hooking up with a hot baseball player 17 years her junior.

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    You can easily take out the leg work and know that you are going to be hooking up with the type of person you really want.

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