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Here’s a secret – most guys struggle in this area but you just don’t know it.

Tired of having crappy dates that never turn into anything serious?

Sick of watching your buddies get all of the girls why you sit alone, empty handed?

True, lasting self-confidence requires that you reach deep inside and take stock of who you are and what you can do.

Working with a therapist can help a tremendous deal in this area.

Believe it or not, working with a helping professional, such as a counselor, can help you to better understand why you may be challenged with confidence and move about the business of helping you to create change.

Keep in mind that confidence is something that takes time to build involves a lot more than just “faking it”.

When you read these suggestions, keep in mind that they relate to one another and so it is important to view them all in their totality. This first piece of dating advice for men is all about arranging that all-important first date with a special girl.

Many guys never actually get that far because they go overboard, thinking they have to woo their date by laying on a full night of entertainment for her: four-course meal, VIP lounge at a popular cocktail bar, coffee afterwards. But while you are thinking she’ll be unable to resist such a lavish attention, she may be thinking something completely different.


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