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Four Saturday Field Trips including Graduation on Saturday, Nov 12 Times & Location: pm – pm – Phil Hardberger Park Urban Ecology Center, 8400 N. Military HWY, 78231 Class Limit: 40 Registration Fee: 0 Registration Deadline: August 11, 2016 Training Contact Name & Email: Liz Robbins – [email protected] Chapter Website: Training Dates: September 8th 2016- March 2nd 2017 at Concordia University Texas Class Limit: 15 community members/15 CTX students Class Fee: 0 community/0 CTX student Registration Deadline: August 15th Training Contact Name & Email: Theresa Rooney [email protected] Website: Training Dates: Tuesday, Aug 9,2016-October 20, 2016 Times: Held weekly, typically on Tuesday nights from 6-9 PM; however scheduled field trips will move some sessions to Thursdays or Saturday.Location: Various locations around Abilene, TX Class limit: 20 Registration fee: 5 Training contact: Taylor County Agri Life Extension Office Email and Phone Number: [email protected] Website: Training Dates: Orientation August 23, 6-9pm.If you are interested, search for a chapter near you and check below to see where fall trainings will be held.To get even more information about reasons to join the Texas Master Naturalist program, we encourage you to watch the winning submission for the 2015 Texas Master Naturalist Annual Meeting’s Video Contest.



The video was submitted by the North Texas Chapter, located in Dallas.Training Dates: Thursdays, September 1 – November 12, 2016.


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    Overall the total US visits to dating sites increased 2% YOY.

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    You will see a wiggly “w” shaped line in many of the dark streaks of grain.

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