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We traditionally honor tuxedo cats every May, as they remind us of tuxedo-clad students at the May Prom.

On Cats we honor tuxedo cats cats in May, as their black and white suits remind us of prom dances and formal tuxedos.

Wir lassen Sie wissen, was Sie in einer Beziehung benötigen, wo Sie versagt haben (ohne dies zu wissen) in vergangenen Beziehungen versagt und einen auf Sie abgestimmten Aktionsplan um Ihre nächste Beziehung zum Erfolg zu machen.

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Stevie, a blind female cat and her adoptive father, Patrick Corr, hike trails through Irish woods and up hills and mountains to raise money for animal welfare in Ireland.Putter, the first Cat of the Week for March, 2016, is a wacky but handsome and smart tabby and white cat who early on had his own fan club of kids who visited the store where he worked with his human mom.She also breeds prized Bengal cats and Savannah cats, and is a member of The International Cat Association and the International Bengal Cat Society.This week's Cat of the Week is double your fun, with strikingly beautiful tuxedo sisters, Kit and Molly, adopted from a rescue group in 2007.

Pender, our first Cat of the Week for May 2016, is very handsome, no matter what the month or the occasion.Her fame precedes the second Cat of the Week for April, 2016.


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