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On April 28, 1875, Oshkosh had a "Great Fire" that consumed homes and businesses along Main Street north of the Fox River.The fire had engulfed 70 stores, 40 factories, and 500 homes costing nearly .5 million (or .2 million in 2010 money) in damage.Around 1900 Oshkosh was home of the Oshkosh Brewing Company, which coined the marketing slogan "By Gosh It's Good." Its Chief Oshkosh became a nationally distributed beer.The Oshkosh All-Stars played in the National Basketball League from 1937-49 before the NBL and the Basketball Association of America merged to become the NBA.At one time, Oshkosh was known as the "Sawdust Capital of the World" due to the number of lumber mills in the city, 11 by 1860.By 1874, there were 47 sawmills and 15 shingle mills.



It was the establishment and growth of the lumber industry in the area that spurred development of Oshkosh.Oshkosh was incorporated as a city in 1853, although it had already been designated the county seat, and had a population of nearly 2,800.By 1870, Oshkosh had become the third-largest city in Wisconsin with a population of over 12,000.The Oshkosh Daily Northwestern newspaper (now the Oshkosh Northwestern) was founded around this time, as was the Oshkosh State Normal School (now the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh).

The lumber industry became well established as businessmen took advantage of navigable waterways to provide access to both markets and northern pineries.The 1859 arrival of rail transportation expanded the ability to meet the demands of a rapidly growing construction market.


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