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'I think as long as you know what you are signing up for...

but I don't know if everyone sort of has the luxury I had, where it's not like my rent was due.' 'It was always like a fun atmosphere,' she recalls.

K., joined editors Elisa Benson and Ali Drucker for a candid discussion about women and porn on the latest episode of the Cosmo Happy Hour podcast, in which she dished about everything watching her adult films with her partners and the camaraderie on set. When one of the women from her improvisation class revealed that a producer asked her to take her shirt off and she refused, S. says she was reminded of her interest in getting into the adult film industry. She and Shy Love went through the porn scenarios she would be willing to do, and the owner of the agency helped mentor S.

'It wasn't like I was desperate for money, so there was no need for me to do anything I didn't feel like doing,' S. K., explaining that she should start off in 'masturbation' and 'girl on girl' and stay there as long as she could.

'I always felt euphoric after these shoots, and the other girls too I thought were lovely. told her parents about her career in the adult film industry, and she explains that their level-headed reactions made her gain even more respect for her mother and father, who really focused on understanding her decision and making sure she was being safe.

Like most people just really loved having sex, so they were usually happy to be there I think. After working in the industry from the ages of 23 to 25, S. says she decided to not renew her contract because it started to feel like work and she knew it wasn't her 'true life calling', it was just something she wanted to try.

In the final season of Penny Dreadful, Vanessa Ives accepting her demons could exact a terrible cost and plunge the world into darkness. Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, Sir Malcolm, the Creature, and Lily must each face their own monstrous selves.


'It is all about novelty so that's why they get so excited when new girls show up, but you really want to maximize your potential,' she explains.'So you sort of make your rounds in each genre, but its like if you do anal first it is like, "Oh, she has already done that."''[If] you are signing up to do porn, you have to expect that you are getting naked and people are going to be looking at you in a sexual way,' she explains.A former porn star has lifted the lid on what it was really like to go from from a college student to adult entertainer as she reveals that the only X-rated films she likes to watch with her partners are the ones she's starred in.The retired adult entertainer from Massachusetts, who goes by the pseudonym S. [Porn] was more of a passion project for me, so I really only did as much of it as I thought would be fun.' Lifting the lid: A former porn star going by the name S. reveals what is really like to work in the industry during a candid interview on the latest episode of the Cosmo Happy Hour podcast (file photo used)S. says she has 'always had a little sex vixen waiting to be unleashed', but before she got into porn, she was working as a webcam girl inside the the dorm room of her New England liberal arts college. says she was so excited about the opportunity that she was almost open to anything, however, she admits that when Shy Love asked her why she wanted to get involved in the industry, she didn't have a really good reason.


Recently married, they are full of hope for the future - until their young lives are cut short by a brutal murder.

The Douglases and Elliots are fiercely different families, split by old rifts but forced together in rage and grief when the man who killed Grace and Adam crashes into their lives, they face a choice that will have dark consequences for all of them.


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