Active directory dns records not updating

The information here applies to all current versions of Windows Server.

If you are going to use BIND rather than the Windows DNS you can find information on configuring BIND to work with Active Directory at order for Active Directory to function correctly certain Service Location (SRV) records must exist in your DNS.

As an alternative you could use the Domain rather than your own.

This removes the burden of running and maintaining an Actve Directory and will allow your internal namespace to be resolvable anywhere on the CUDN.

This can facilitate the movement of Domain based computers from your Domain around the CUDN.

You should avoid the use of .local as a name, which unfortunately is often still recommended in some Microsoft documentation.


The reason for this is that local can cause conflicts with UPNP, Bonjour and Multicast DNS.

Additional advice on creating DNS names The simple way to support SRV records is to create a single primary forward and reverse lookup zone for your Domain (whatever the current name is) and set it to allow dynamic updates.


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