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What a wonderful, totally delightful experience this motel was.

The unit was an efficiency that included a living room area, full kitchen/dining room, full bath, and bedroom.

I "kidnapped" my husband as a birthday gift for his 48th!

Overall - a great quiet, relaxing vacation - beats the crowded hustle of the Cape. —S, New York We had our wedding in Gloucester in early July, and the Sea Lion could not have been more accomodating for our family and friends.I would highly recommend this motel to single folks that want a quiet get-away; for "lovers" that want a quiet get-away; and for families, that just want to get-away!! The motel seems to have definitely been updated as everything is new, very comfortable and absolutely clean & accomodating (mattresses, linens, furniture, bathroom fixtures, sinks, tiles). Everyone who worked there, the owner & all of the staff, were so friendly & accomodating w/ everything from motel ammenities to tours (they secured our whale sight seeing tour for us as we were in a scramble for time) - we truly are greatful & appreciative. The grounds were well maintained and you could tell they took pride in their establishment. Good Harbor beach is exquisite - not too rough for little kids but definately would keep older kids entertained also.—MW, Maine The rooms are very comfortable, especially the bed. The location between Gloucester and Rockport is perfect. So 1st if you haven't ever been Gloucester, MA then it's time to go & 2nd definitely stay at the Sea Lion Motel- you will be very happy that you did. The pool was always clean and our young children (4 yrs. A very family orientated place, in fact we met people who were staying in the 2 bedroom cottage next to us that lived just 30 mins. The beach is SOOO sandy I didn't even make the kids wear their water shoes.We stayed in a suite in the main house and were pleasantly surprised by the large space, cleanliness and beautiful views of the beach.


—LS, Texas We rented the 1 bedroom cottage - spotless and comfy!! There is a state park nearby with a great playground and ice cream parlor within walking distance - a perfect evening activity!!

4o mins from Boston - we visited the aquarium - was OK but crowded on the day we choose to go.


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