Accommodating religious practices

” Or even more specifically, the positive and neutral elements of postmodernism, work in the favor of the Christian worldview and thought.- For centuries, religion in America has been more of a family affair.What this means is that despite the different groupings, almost all major religions have been united under the same American experience.The Kemalist state sought to remove religion from the public realm by totally separating religion and politics.It was expected that the modernization process would lead to a decline in religious fervor.However, many things have happened in the past few decades to change the way religions have been conducting themselves....

However, the process has actually moved Muslims into a more public sphere....

[tags: Politics Political Religion Turkey Papers] - I would like to explore one of the questions posed to us by Professor which is “How can we make the positive aspects of postmodernism work in our favor?

Almost all the main religious denominations have been required to conform to the dictates of Protestantism.

Maybe this has been derived from the belief that almost all of these groupings have been responsible for shaping America as we know it today.

Just look at Riverside, California, there are over fifty churches of different denominations of Christianity, three synagogues, two temples, and one mosque; all coinciding peacefully in the city (Yellow Pages).

Because Riverside is so diverse, religious pluralism and religious tolerance are two steps in making Riverside more connected.


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