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We are a reputable company that is properly licensed and insured; and hold ourselves to the highest service standards and enforce more corporate measures than any other limousine service to ensure consistent superior service.

The VIP Limousine Fleet goes through routine maintenance checks and we have GPS navigation in all our cars to provide safe and on time service to our clients.

Our prices are reasonable and accurate without compromising high class service standards.

We charge what we quote you, no hidden fees and guaranteed lowest rates!

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride because this isn’t just any limo service, it’s VIP Limousine.


Anyone can drive you from one destination to another.To do so in an expedient, reliable, courteous and safe manner time after time, is the reason VIP Limousine is one of the most sought after limousine companies in Wisconsin!Our cars are always on time; for us on time means 15 minutes before your original booking time at your doorstep.Our experienced chauffeurs are courteous, professionals who set the industry standard for impeccable service.

Our team is committed to offering reliable, consistent service that you can depend on from the very first time you use our services and every time you come back.

Our industry experience and knowledge, as well as the relationships that we have established with our clients set us apart from other transportation companies.


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