Abuse in teenage dating relationships


Brianne Altice, a Utah teacher convicted of forcible sexual abuse of three male teenage students, has defended her sexual contact with one of the victims, saying she helped him to improve grades, according to on Tuesday reported Ms Altice, 36, filed a handwritten document in federal court stating she had “no evil or malicious intent” in her relationship with the student.

The name of the victim, who was 16 at the time the abuse occurred, appears in court documents.

She also denied the allegation that she was dismissed by one of her previous employers for having inappropriate relationships with minors.

In her letter, she also denied accusations that she went to class wearing risqué dress and encouraged teens to hang out in her classroom while skipping class.

She, however, admitted in court documents that she touched the private parts of the three students between January and September 2013.Each of the three teens have testified at separate preliminary hearings that they had sex with the teacher.



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