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Audiences are getting more confused and helpless, the democracy that the U. is proud of has been tarnished.” ( The editorial continues, saying the meaning of the election is to help solve severe problems of a country’s development, and that the long and complex campaign and competition between candidates should be the chance to expose the political defect and address racial and social issues.

However, the campaign and debate policy Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton employ does not solve problems. media’s reaction to Trump’s statement of only accepting the election results if he wins, and says, “Finally, even Trump began to question the election result. democracy harshly as the New York Times points out, most news reporting of media in China on the election and debates is fact based or based on news from Western countries.

The New York Times published an interview with You Tian Long, a Chinese doctoral student majoring in justice studies at Arizona State University at an earlier time to reject such association.

You said in that interview that American politics is so complicated for Chinese people to understand that they use the TV drama as a “shortcut” to learn.

Instead, the candidates attack one another’s past mistakes and manage to destroy each other’s public image. This slaps on the face of American political system based on their claimed democracy, and casts doubt on the effect of American-style democracy.” The editorial concludes, “The U. has considered itself as the role-model of Western democracy. Chinese media generally show no preference for either candidate. election, China is more concerned if this candidate wins,” says the Chinese public has treated Trump as mere entertainment from the very beginning, but that there are more people starting to like him.

Now it is time for introspection.” ( Similar arguments appear in other Chinese media. However, one exception is an article on Sohu, a commercial media website. While the Chinese public does not know Trump very well, there is an unfavorable impression of Hillary Clinton due to her tough past policies against Beijing.

One of them even asked for ‘a dope test’ before debate.” The editorial concludes, “the presidential election is nothing but entertainment, which again implies ‘the failure of the American political system.’” Xinhua News Agency set up a page of special reports on the U. presidential election and published several editorials after the final debate.

In another editorial titled “The final debate sets a new records for the U. election, and slaps the American style of democracy,” the author quotes several Twitter users who criticize both Clinton and Trump, and says these voters reveal the dilemma the U. faces now, claimed to be the “largest democratic country in the world.” “This leads to a question: Is the election, of which the Americans are so proud of, not so serious?

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