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Tuenti is a Spanish social networking site launched in 2006, sometimes called the “Spanish Facebook”.

It’s targeted specifically at a Spanish audience and is an invite-only service.

Mixi is a Japanese invite-only social networking service started in 2004.

In May 2008, Mixi had 80% of the social networking market in Japan.

We hear mostly about the social networking sites where English is the predominant language, like Facebook, My Space and Twitter. The social networking sites we list below have reached an overwhelming popularity outside of the (native) English-speaking population, often being local hits in one or just a few countries and a specific language.

But what about those sites where the vast majority of users don’t speak or use English? Although Skyrock, a social network aimed at people under 25, supports other languages than French, that’s where its roots are and its main popularity are in French-speaking countries (especially France itself).

“Tuenti” was the fourth fastest-rising search term in the world according to Google’s 2008 Zeitgeist report.

According to Alexa it’s currently the sixth most popular site in Spain and Comscore says the site had 5.6 million visitors in December 2008.


It’s difficult to join Mixi if you don’t live in Japan because you need to provide a Japanese cell phone email address to register.Vkontakte is essentially a Russian Facebook, emulating the latter to the extent that it’s often been accused of being a Facebook clone.



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