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Thieme -Becker- Vollmer (see footnote 2) tells that the original was destroyed. The publication is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence 0/ iv Contents Introduction and Acknowledgements Guideline to the Topical Catalogue Topic Date of work and level of identification Artist's or creators' name(s) Title of work Type of work Medium and material of support and series or editions Dimension of work Owner or auctioneer of work Inventory number of work Source(s) of information about the work Record and sequential numbers of work Replicas, copies of work and comments Examples 11 Topical Catalogue Table of Topics - Index of Topics - list of Abbreviations 1. Apotheosis-Sacrifice- Temple-Triumph-Worship of Venus 3. Some specific features of the compilation in this Volume are discussed hereafter. Baltic States (Estland-EE, Latvia-LV, Lithuania-LT), Bulgaria (BG), Poland (PL), Romania (RO), Russia (RU) and the countries of the former USSR, e.g. It must be recognized that this classification is for easy and unique retrieval only and does not refer to any specific art-historical classification. Ortography of names and their alphabetical order The orthography of the preferred name of the artist is the one used in general databases , preferably those of the country where the artist was born; alternative ortographies may be added in the Index of Artists. It is then useful to split the main topic in subtopics and the subtopics in subdivisions.A replica, entitled 'Venus med ceblet (Venus with the apple) ', 110x48x41 cm, dated 1809, is in the Statens Museum for Kunst in Kobenhavn/ inv KMS6004 (in this catalogue R7554 175). 1 This Volume will be revised as Volume 1.2 in 2015. The regional origin of the identified artists In this Volume the following methodology is applied: countries, where artists were born and educated/trained - independently of their later activities in other regions -, are grouped into three regions, which are used as subdivisions under each main or sub-topic. Prefixes like 'von', 'van', 'de' or 7e' are generally not used for alphabetical ordering. The following approach has been applied: o The main topic is always found in the title of the work as given by the present owner or the information source 3 . a work entitled 'Venus and Adonis' is categorized under this main topic; 'The bath of Venus ', 'The crouching Venus ' and 'The toilet of Venus ' are grouped under a common main topic 'Toilet/Bath of Venus/ Venus crouching' . The information about the iconography of Venus is scattered among a multitude of monographs and 'catalogues raisonnes' of artists, museum and exhibition catalogues, sales catalogues, notary and death inventories, myriads of bibliographical references and the Internet. Details about these Volumes are available on the website 'Venus Iconography' of the author.The Venus of the Eastern, Southern and Northern European Regions K. However, symbols or places closely related to her worship (e.g. Unaccompanied □ ARTWORK DESCRIPTION Date Artist Title(s) Type Medium/support Dimension Owner/auctioneer Inventory/lot # Sources Reference/ sequential # Comments Figure 1 The categorization into 18 main topics and the description of all artworks with an entry in this catalogue.

Bender 2014 To C and all my friends who are supporting me Cover illustration: 'Venus a la pomme-Seconde version, vers 1805' This sculpture in marble, 120x45x38 cm, by the Danish artist Bertel THORVALDSEN (1768 Kobenhavn - 1844) is presently displayed in the new museum Louvre-Lens /inventory nr RF3334 . It got an entry in Topic 3 Attributes of Venus of this catalogue under record number R674 and catalogue number 174. The author is always a 'neutral' compiler, using available resources without judging or analyzing the value of their content. Albania (AL), Cyprus (CY), Greece (GR); Portugal (PT), Spain (ES); 3. Denmark (DK), Finland (FI), Iceland (IS), Norway (NO) and Sweden (SE). If appropriate, references are made to the equivalent names in the Index of Topics. In many cases, the given title of the work is too general and does not allow for a detailed topical categorizing, or the number of works under a given topic is too large for a meaningful topical cataloguing. Volume 1.1 "The Italian Venus " (1840 works of 649 identified Italian artists) 1 , Volume 2.1 "The French Venus " (2997 works of 977 identified French artists), Volume 3.1 "The Venus of the Low Countries" (2369 works of 645 identified artists of the Low Countries), Volume 4.1 "The German, Swiss and Central-European Venus" (3198 works of 1506 identified artists of Germany, Switzerland and Central -European Countries) and Volume 5.1 "The British and Irish Venus" (2113 works of 912 artists of Great Britain and Ireland).



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