1to1 skype sex


At Maths-Whizz (ages five to 13), they charge £99.99 a year for unlimited hours, and at My Own Tutor (maths up to A-level) a mere £90 per year.Alternatively, Home Teach Online gives you 20 minutes with a student tutor for just £7.50.Astonishingly, others can take their prices even lower.You pay £25 per hour to hire a professional tutor, and just £15 for a current university student.Learn Spanish with 1to1 Languages, and for (£7.90) an hour, you get a real live native Spanish speaker sitting in Bogota, Colombia.

"The truth is, though, that children feel it's far less of a chore to sit down in front of a computer than it is to sit down in front of a pile of books.

And if anything, an online teaching session is more structured than a face-to-face situation, because only one person can speak at a time." That's because spoken communication comes down the computer phone-line hook-up known as Skype (free of charge).

But firms who are purely online can do it much more cheaply.

The company Home Tutoring Online, for example, has a two-tier charging structure.


Meanwhile, written communication takes place on the computer screen; both tutor and pupil can write or draw on a computer-screen "whiteboard", which performs the function of a shared blackboard, suspended in cyberspace.If you want, you can set up a webcam and see the face of the person at the other end, though that's by no means essential.



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