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Adult resorts are more lenient and have different policies.

Caliente Resorts and Paradise Lakes host swinging parties and don’t mind swingers interacting with one another. Many people have mixed reviews about having swinger parties at the nudist resorts.

If you haven’t been before I suggest you go for an exciting evening out.

The resorts clearly state their themed parties are swinger related and guests have the option not to attend.

Swingers have a lot of options when it comes to parties at onsite and offsite swingers clubs. Lauderdale has Trapeze 1 & 2 which is very well known for its five star food.

A lot of people confuse the terms swingers and nudists by thinking they are the same. Swingers are people who enjoy sharing their body or their partner sexually in some way whereas a nudist is a person who likes to be clothes free.

Many swingers are nudists by nature because of their ability to swing and be nude in front of other people so easily.



However not all nudist are swingers, and there are actually a small number of swingers among the nudist population.

Nudists are less likely than most to engage in swinging behavior because of the stereotype and mistaken idea that nudism is a sexual activity.



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